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Training school for professionals

The creators:

Nicolas Denis Head Pastry chef in the trade for more than 20 years, has worked in large Parisian and Azurean palaces.

Elise Allongue has been a decorator for 10 years, including 6 years in luxury hotels.

Photo EliseNicolas

Situated in Seillans, designated one of the most beautiful villages in France, just one hour from Nice and 35 minutes from Cannes and Saint Raphael, The Institute has made its home in an ancient silk factory. The building has been lovingly renovated and decorated in a skillful way that joins our contemporary world with the authenticity of ancient times. As you enter The Institute, you will find in its rooms stylishly treated concrete floors and ceilings showing off wooden beams, a careful blend of contemporary and original elements giving the school a unique charm.

Above the Institute, you will also find beautiful rooms in which trainees at The Institute can stay, enabling them to immerse themselves in this ambiance where the Art of Living is the universal language.
For images and information regarding lodging, click on link below.

Training is aimed at professionals and nonprofessional alike. We offer students animated classes led by great professionals in the field of gastronomy.

The geographical environment of the Institute allows us to orientate a large number of the training classes around the history and culture of this region. For example, we will draw from Mediterranean cuisine, one of the best loved in the world. Wines from the region are highly esteemed by sommeliers the world over. The training we offer shall therefore be infused and influenced by the tastes of the region that surround us.

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